Dorm upon a terrace

Dorm upon a terrace

Now that we all know our lottery numbers, take a glance at Plimpton, the Barnard dorm with the most singles and one of three Barnard dorms with AC! These two amenities might be crucial tradeoffs for you and your potential suite, even if Amsterdam seems “far.” Read up below on how you could be big plimpin’ next year. 

Location: 1235 Amsterdam (between 120th and 121st, crawling distance from Appletree)

Nearby dorms: Wien, EC

Stores and restaurants: Appletree is open 24/7!!!!, Flat Top, Max Caffe, Serrafina, Hartley Pharmacy, Subsconscious

Cost: TBD


  • Bathrooms: Private in each suite of 6 residents. Cleaned by your own goddamn selves because you’re adults with a cleaning chart.
  • AC/Heating: Yes to both! You can turn off your heating if it’s too hot!
  • Kitchen: Private per apartment. Stocked with an oven, gas stovetop, sizeable fridge, reasonable countertop space (though unknown countertop material), all other appliances to be brought in by students living there.
  • Lounges: One study lounge on the lobby floor with an adjoining computer and printing lab.
  • Laundry: Available in the basement, never really have to wait to use a machine. This is Barnard so it costs $$$ friends.
  • Gym: Kind of close to Dodge.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators that can fit at most 6 Barnard girls late to their 10:10. There are 15 floors so elevators can get packed quickly and often stop at each floor before classes.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Both of these flooring options are a little too luxe for Plimp. Inconsistent grayscale tiling in every suite and in hallways.
  • Wifi: Barnard networks.

Room variety

  • Main perk of Plimpton is its suite layout consistency: every suite has 4 singles and 1 double. All of the
    Un-renovated floor plan

    Un-renovated floor plan

    singles are the same size (except for room 1, which is slightly larger), and all of the doubles have two windows because they are on the corner. Definitely bigger than a Sulz or Reid double.

  • Floors 7 and 8 are the renovated floors. Their “renovation” is the removal of the wall between the kitchen and common space; in its place is a high bar for seating and more common space. For a visual, see last year’s housing review.


  • Good mix of juniors and sophomores. Juniors will most likely snag the eight suites on the renovated floors, but a good number of all sophomore suites will have the option to live in a Plimpton suite.

Bwog recommendations 

  • If you want a single, pick Plimpton. If you like AC, pick Plimpton.
  • If you think Amsterdam Ave is a world away from campus, don’t pick Plimpton.

Resident opinions

  • “I feel so adult as a sophomore with my own kitchen and a bathroom!”
  • “This is so much more chill than the quad. Fuck the quad.”
  • “I maxed out my credit card because we basically live above Appletree. But no regrets. I love those small aisles at 2 am.”
  • “You’ll have to learn new ways to get to campus. But there are surprisingly a ton of shortcuts to make your walk shorter and Amsterdam really isn’t as inconvenient as I thought it would be.”
  • “I have the sickest view on the 15th floor.”
  • “Get me closer to the 1.”