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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Reid

We reviewed Sulz and Brooks, but those two dorms aren’t quite enough to house all the Barnard first-years – pushed in between them is Reid, a tiny dorm with surprisingly big rooms. (And, less surprisingly, no AC.) Location: 3009 Broadway (The Quad). Nearby dorms: Sulz, Brooks, Hewitt, the 600’s. Stores and restaurants: MoWillies, 116th halal […]

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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Brooks

Next up in our freshpeople housing reviews series: the infamous Brooks, one of the three options in the Barnard Quad for first-years. It also happens to be the oldest, which comes with some pros… and some cons. Here’s the info. Location: 3009 Broadway (The Quad). Nearby dorms: Reid, Brooks, Hewitt, the 600’s. Stores and restaurants: […]

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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Sulzberger

The fourth in our freshpeople housing reviews 2016 series, Bwog gives you the inside scoop on Sulzberger Hall–different from Sulzberger Tower, an upperclassmen dorm attached to the top 8 floors of Sulz Hall. Fond residents refer to it as “Sulz,” meaning no one really knows how to spell the “berger” part (u or e?). Location: […]

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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Furnald

Have you already started posting on the Columbia 2020 Facebook group in search of a roommate, not realizing you will both hate each other by the end of first semester and will never talk to each other again outside of “It’s your turn to buy hand soap.” Well, Bwog’s here to help nurture your neurotic tendencies: our […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: Hartley

Future freshmen have a look at this review if you think one half (the better half) of the LLC may be for you. Rising sophomores have already picked into this lovely dorm, so now it’s up to you to fill the leftover spaces. Location: 1124 Amsterdam (between 115th and 116th, part of the freshman quadrangle) […]

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Freshpeople Housing Reviews 2016: Carman

Hey, prospective students! We’ve given you a hard time these past couple of weeks (with all the crazy shit in your Facebook group, it wasn’t too hard), but to redeem ourselves in your eyes, we’re giving you an inside look of your digs for next year. Don’t worry, you’ll live through this next year. Probably. […]

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Dark Nights of the Housing Soul

We normally reserve Dark Nights of the Soul for finals, which bring out the worst in all of us. But housing brings its own special flavor of nihilism and loathing to the (check-in) table. Straight from our seven days of LiveBwogging, we bring you the darkest highlights (lowlights?) of the housing season. Stress eating: Day […]

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Housing Coverage 2016, Day 5

Okay, freshmen … You’ve agonized for a whole week. You’ve watched EC suites disappear faster than enthusiasm in an early-morning section of LitHum. You’ve sat up at night wondering what kind of hell hole you’ll have to endure next year. You’ve spent class periods writing out complex lists of the worst possible outcomes. And now, […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: Wien

Since today’s the first day of sophomore housing selection, we’re helping all of you rising sophomores with low lottery numbers accept your fate: you’ll probably have to live in Wien. Start convincing yourself it’s not so bad now, while you still can. Location: 411 West 116th Street, between Amsterdam and Morningside Nearby dorms: East Campus, sort of […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: Financial Aid Office

Location: 6th floor of Lerner Hall (115 St. and Broadway) Nearby dorms: Carman, Furnald, Schapiro, John Jay, and the LLC Stores and restaurants: Ferris, mainly Cost: $69,084/year Amenities: Bathrooms: We imagine that there is one, perhaps in an inner sanctum that is forbidden to us. AC/Heating: Yes. Kitchen/Lounge: They have the raw ingredients (dough) but little finesse. There is a hallway between the various […]

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Housing Coverage 2016, Day 1

Rise and shine, Columbia! Today we begin our anual coverage of room selection, providing you with live updates of availble rooms (see the spreadsheet below) and commentary on the crazy shit that goes down. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or submit a tip to We anticipate that today will […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: 47 Claremont

Bwog Housing Coverage 2K16 Continues! Today’s residence hall is… Claremont (as it is colloquially referred to)! Location: 47 Claremont Nearby dorms: Pretty far from the rest of Columbia’s dorms, but it’s close to Elliot, the Barnard Quad, and the 600s. Stores and restaurants: Vine and Mo Willies are closest followed by a few Halal carts […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: Furnald Hall

Location: 2940 Broadway (115 Street) Nearby dorms: Carman, Schapiro, the LLC, and John Jay Stores and restaurants: Ferris, Morton Williams, Starbucks, M2M, sweetgreen, Vine, Bernheim & Schwartz Cost: $7,928/year for freshmen, $8,166/year for non-freshmen (cheapest tier: same price as Broadway, McBain, Schapiro, and Wien) Amenities: Bathrooms: From the third to tenth floor, there are separate […]

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Barnard Housing Reviews 2016: 110

In our final installation of Barnard Housing Reviews we present one of the more *unique* dorms: 601 West 110th Street (it’s 110). This dorm can be a bit of a gamble, but you might get lucky. Read on to find out just what makes 110 so special.  Location: 601 W 110th St (Between Broadway and […]

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Housing Reviews 2016: Watt

You might be surprised to know Watt exists–that’s what makes it so special! Our housing review series continues with a look at this less-mainstream option. Location: 549 W. 113th Street (between Amsterdam and Broadway) Nearby Dorms: Across the street form Symposium and McBain Restaurants and Stores: You’re in the heart of Columbia University so reap in […]

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