slim thick

slim thick

Although it has yet to be featured on a NYC Prime Real Estate TV show, Schapiro is a quality dorm with enviable features. Residents can expect a lot of bang for their buck, especially in the common areas. 

Location: 605-615 W 115th Street.

Nearby dorms: Furnald, Woodbridge

Stores and restaurants: The UPS Store, the 115th halal cart, Morton Williams, M2M, Vine, Starbucks, Ferris

Cost: $7,640


  • Bathrooms: Communal bathrooms shared with floor mates. One for men, women, and gender inclusive depending on where in the building you are standing. Bathrooms are regular, not good or bad.
  • AC/Heating: Air conditioning, sometimes with temperature control. Also heat.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen shared by the hall, has a couple of microwaves, stoves, cabinets.
  • Lounge: One on every floor, has a table, sofas, and a television.
  • Laundry: Large laundry room located in the basement.
  • Computers/Printers: Computer lab with printer located on the first floor.
  • Gym: Cardio machines are available on the first floor.
  • Intra-transportation: Three insanely fast elevators.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Bonus: Practice rooms with pianos in the basement, and a beautiful sky lounge with nice views of the Hudson.

Room variety:

  • Singles: Lots of singles just over 100 sq. ft. Larger rooms are available on the higher floors, however depending on where you are you may encounter oddly shaped rooms.
  • Doubles: Doubles are located on the first nine floors, and are sized anywhere between 150-200 sq. ft. Walkthrough doubles are available, but tend to be weirdly shaped and located near elevators.


  • Singles: available to all but the most unfortunate of the rising juniors, historically at ~20/2970
  • Doubles: can go to the majority of rising sophomores with the typical double going for ~10/2890 and the walkthrough going to ~10/3000

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Schapiro’s location makes it a great option; it is located pretty close to campus and has quality amenities.
  • The sky lounge has lots of natural light and is beautiful place to study.
  • Lots of common areas contribute to a healthy social culture throughout the dorm, some residents talk to each other more than others, but there are definitely opportunities to meet your neighbors and become friends.
  • The doubles can be tight.

Resident Opinions:

  • “I’ve lived in Schapiro for two years now. Great amenities, and you couldn’t ask for a better single. That said, better if you need your own space than if you’re looking for a community that does everything together.”
  • “Got a second floor facing the shaft, and I wish I’d known moving in how dark it would be this winter. Still, love studying in the skylounge, love the gym downstairs, and my hall is a good mix of quieter people and relatively social people who hang out in the lounge.”
  • “On 15 and I love my view. One of the better on campus. Not as good as EC obviously but then there’s no housing drama to speak of (plus my hall mostly keeps to themselves, which I prefer anyway).”
  • Schapiro is sexy. The unisex bathrooms contain luxurious and private thrones. And not many ppl know that there is a swimming pool in the basement.