Sulz Tower is like the awkwardly tall friend of the other Barnard buildings

Sulz Tower is that awkwardly tall friend among the Barnard buildings

Housing reviews continue today with Sulzberger Tower, which should be of special interest to all Barnard Bears. You might not have The Cage, but surely housing still strikes terror into your very soul. 

Location: 3009 Broadway (in between 116 and 117 St.)

Nearby Dorms: Reid, Brooks, Hewitt (Sulz Tower is part of the quad)

Stores and Restaurants: Morton Williams, Starbucks, Sweetgreen

Cost: Not yet announced

Bathrooms: One gender-inclusive shared bathroom per floor (3 showers, 2 sinks, and 2 toilet stalls).

AC/Heating: One AC/Heating unit per room—AC becomes heating after weather is consistently below 55 degrees in the fall.

Kitchen: Two kitchenette lounges per floor, which include a communal fridge, stove, oven, microwave, shelves, and sink.

Lounge: Combined with kitchen; two per floor (which include a table, chairs, couches, and a TV).

Laundry: No washing machines in the tower, but 11 machines (5 wash, 6 dry) on the 8th floor of Sulzberger Hall.

Computers/Printers: Several printers and computers located in the Sulzberger basement.

Gym: Small gym in the nearby Barnard Hall.

Intra-transportation: 2 elevators which service just the tower, 8th floor, lobby, and basement (decent speed and less traffic because they do not stop at floors 2-7) and 2 stairwells

Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood in kitchens/lounge, tile in bathrooms, carpet in halls, linoleum in rooms

Wifi: Yes (Barnard Secure)

Bonus: Music practice rooms in Sulz basement, beautiful views, on Barnard campus (close to LeFrak, Diana, Hewitt dining hall, and Barnard classrooms)

Room variety:
Singles: 96 in the tower (12 per floor), average square footage of 11.5 by 10.25. Largest: 13 by 12, smallest: 9 by 12. The largest singles are only available in the A2 line of floors 9 and 10. There are also oddly shaped singles only on floors 9 and 10 (A1 line).

Doubles: 14 in the tower (only one on floors 9 & 10, two on every other floor), average square footage of 13 by 16, all about the same size and shape.

Numbers: Mostly seniors, some juniors with a lot of luck.

Bwog Recommendation: This dorm is conveniently located and has amazing views of the river and campus, though there’s not a lot of communal space—bathrooms and kitchen/lounges are small, and all facilities seem very tightly compacted. Rooms are also pretty small, but there are lots of singles, and they’re bigger than similar rooms in the Quad. Overall, you can’t really beat the easy access to facilities and the combination of single and suite life.

Resident opinions:

  • “I love living in the Tower. It’s great because it gives you the privacy of a single and the perks of a cleaned bathroom, while also offering you the kitchen amenities of a suite. PLUS all Sulz tower kitchens were renovated over the summer so it’s brand new stuff. “
  • “The rooms are pretty small compared to others in the 600s, but they’re not too small and the views and air conditioning more than make up for it.”
  • “The view of the sunrise is unparalleled. It’s also really nice to live in a suite with your friends but still have your own room. It’s a great balance of having people around you, but also having the luxury of privacy should you want it.”
  • “The only drawback I guess is that you don’t have personal bathrooms, but even that isn’t the worst thing in the world. Facilities workers at Barnard are incredible (and so friendly!) and keep everything so neat and clean, so I really can’t complain.”

The Sulz, in the tradition of The Donald via Bwog Staff