Low Library looking bare this evening without the divest signs

Low Library looking bare this evening without the divest signs

Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (CDCJ) members just ended their 8-day occupation of Low Library, explaining, in a press release, that PrezBo will not be on campus all next week, and, moreover, they believe the administration is “on the path toward fossil fuel divestment.”

Dozens of students entered the library last Thursday afternoon, beginning the occupation. Their original goal was to have PrezBo release a statement recommending divestment from fossil fuels. Sixteen students slept over last Thursday night.

6 students endured the entire 8-day sit-in. They often spoke to students on the outside through windows that opened only a few inches. Students on the outside also delivered food.

Over 160 faculty members, 400 alumni, and 30 student groups expressed support for the sit-in over the past week. Last night, CDCJ held a “Sleep Out” on Low Steps, which involved discussion, chanting, and singing. 100 students were there in support, according to CDCJ’s Facebook page.

In their press release, CDCJ notes how proud they were to see the community unite around divestment, and their eager anticipation of a statement from PrezBo and trustees.