ALL the food

Foodbank is here! (not really this buffet).

Perhaps disoriented by the room change, the GSSC meeting was surprisingly short. And you don’t have to miss a single second: wily correspondent Jennifer Nugent was on the scene and taking notes.

Last night’s General Studies Student Council (GSSC) meeting was off to a raucous start with a room change to Pupin. Latecomers even fell into the classic Columbia trap—navigating through Schermerhorn when it’s half-closed. As the GSSC meeting continued, members sped through the agenda but still hit some big issues.

The first issue discussed was the student sit-in and GSSC’s position on the issue of divestment and the students’ actions. For those not intimately involved in the details of GS life, the current elections included a referendum to gauge where students stood on the issue of divestment—which caused quite a stir on the GS Facebook group. The council decided to wait for the results of the referendum before deciding where to stand as an organization so that they could better represent student voices.

At a meeting with Dean Hartford, it was decided that students taking a voluntary leave of absence for mental health reasons would still have access to CPS.

Then, the council allotted money to both a Passover event and a First-Generation Low-Income Partnership, at which point President Elizabeth Heyman introduced a gavel into the conversation!

The council then allotted $1,000 to the GSSC’s new food bank! The council has been working on this initiative all year to fight food insecurity on campus, and now GS students can come to the food bank for free food as needed.

Finally, the Senior Class Social was approved, Gala pictures will be up soon, and the senior gift is planned but still unknown!

GSSC ended early and with the council in good spirits.

Surf and Turf via Crux/CC BY-SA 3.0