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Housing Coverage 2016, Day 5

Okay, freshmen … You’ve agonized for a whole week. You’ve watched EC suites disappear faster than enthusiasm in an early-morning section of LitHum. You’ve sat up at night wondering what kind of hell hole you’ll have to endure next year. You’ve spent class periods writing out complex lists of the worst possible outcomes. And now, at last, the day has come: you can pick housing. Or, well, you can pick housing – if your lottery number is good enough for you to go today. But don’t lose hope just yet! There are still some singles left! (If you’re picking on Thursday, well – then you should probably lose hope.)

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  • Anonymaous hater says:

    @Anonymaous hater Why are you doing this, this is so pointless. Go to class

  • @Bwog is corrupt You are all just mindless lackeys who weren’t smart enough to get into Spec. Go back to buzzfeed, Nutella, and your Netflix account.

  • Bwog hero says:

    @Bwog hero Mad Max you’re supposed to be commenting on housing, I can be much more rude than that.

  • Bwog hero says:

    @Bwog hero I have been informed I am not literate. I will be joining bwog soon.

    1. Mason Amelotte says:

      @Mason Amelotte Sing, goddess, of a time when our commenters discover the Track function

      1. Sit down mortal says:

        @Sit down mortal i AM the goddess. Bow down (I write for spec)

  • Are these commenters says:

    @Are these commenters 2020 kids?

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