We all remember our high school prom

We all remember our high school prom

Today is Saturday, your break from a long week of sneaking fragrant Spaghetti Meatball HamDel sandwiches in Ref Room. Go outside and enjoy the weather! It’s not supposed to rain today; instead, the humidity will be at 93% without a chance of any sunshine all day. 

Bwogline: KFC has officially launched its campaign for edible fingernail polish in Hong Kong. While products are not yet on sale, they have created posters, a social media campaign, and an extra special music video to promote the KFC presence in Hong Kong, and to ask consumers an important question: Which flavor would you prefer? Bwog votes for “Original,” which wears as a glittery Thousand Island peach, but the “Hot n’ Spicy” is a fair, orange-ier alternative. (Newsweek)

Study Tip: How about don’t study today? Its probably your last Saturday in New York (unless you live here); go to The Cooper Hewitt Museum, not the pooper Hewitt Dining Hall. There is a whole city below 110th street. Don’t let the dirty Morningside Heights bubble claim your last Saturday in the city.

Music: This is the perfect track to get some good cleaning/packing done to. Its a long mix of songs inspired by 80s funk artists with gentle electronic tones added in. If this is your style, enjoy. If it’s not, investigate anyway. You will fall in love.

Procrastinate: Here is a short playlist of killer rap verses you should be able to recite no matter where you are… kind of like the Shakespeare poetry dudes with circle framed glasses always seem to be reciting. Just like knowing whether you should be (or not be), you should know more than “I got broads in Atlanta” in Desiigner’s “Panda,” and you should know more than the part when Busta Rhymes takes a deep breath in his verse on “Look At Me Now.” Here is the link to Rap Genius if you really can’t bring your fingers to type it into the web address field literally at the top of this page.

Overheard: In Ferris: “Why is this place always so fucking full? Fuck this university.”

Chicken Corsage or nah, via KFC