celebrate graduation by stealing balloons

Congratulations, everyone, we made it through! If you’re still working through a project with an extension, we’re wishing you luck. If not, good job surviving another year of the Columbia grind. Today’s our last day of the year, and we hope you party with all the energy of a kid just released on summer vacation. You’ve earned it.

Bwogline: Facebook published internal editor guidelines yesterday to prove that they’re not biased in their “Trending” section. Of course, you probably only heard that they’re not biased because you read it in the “Trending” section.

Study Tip: If you got an extension on work but still have to leave your housing, use the library where you live! If you’re only using Butler as a way to avoid working where you sleep, then go out to your local branch and crack down on work there.

Music: Celebrate senior graduation by playing the Billboard number one album from when they first stepped foot on Columbia’s campus – Based on a T.R.U. Story by 2 Chainz.

Procrastinate: Take a trip down memory lane by delving into some of the most helpful, imaginative, and sexually liberated comments left on our website by Columbians by reading our Comment Awards.

Overheard: “Yesterday I was just sitting in Butler drinking cough syrup with a straw, and it was the lowest I’ve ever been as a person.”