Certainly more destructive than the alphavirus, a T-Rex loose in NY.

Rexy! We missed you! Also, how do you digest food?

We’ve all had that moment: you’re looking in the mirror, examining your bedraggled second-semester face, and you have that thought: Why don’t I look like Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum, during his prime?? Well, unfortunately, you’re stuck with that embittered mug until you die (or earn enough to get the lines etched into your forehead erased), but you can experience the joys of the classic Stiller film tonight at McAC’s biannual Midnight Breakfast. The schedule for entry:

Barnard Seniors – 11:00pm
All BC IDs- 11:30pm
All BC/CU IDs – 12:00am

Meet us at the main entry of the Diana Center for the best pancakes the BC staff will make all year and to chill with the dinosaurs McAC has promised us. We’re expecting at least one pterodactyl!

Rexy via Wikimedia Commons