You after your midterms.

You after your midterms.

If you didn’t read our post heralding the arrival of Autumn yesterday, this question might serve as a seasonal shock. Well, it might serve as a shock, regardless. Fall color, after all, is so blasé—just like all the people responding “pumpkin spice”. There’s no other way to describe the complete and utter dominance of consumerism in our “culture”.

Outside Butler

“Pumpkin spice lube.”



Butler Cafe

“McDonald’s apple pie. Oh, and hotdogs.”

“Salted caramel.”


“You guys are all naming scents. Mine? Mine is cinnamon.”

“Apple cider mimosa.”

“Flavor? Hmmmm those new Starbucks flavors are good.”

“A chili vodka margarita I had the other night.”

Butler 2

“London fog.”

“Pumpkin spice latte.”

“I don’t really have an answer.”





Butler 3

“Spiced cider.”

“Pumpkin but not pumpkin spice anything. Just plain.”

“Maybe maple or cinnamon but those are kinda year round.”

“Not mint.”


Butler 8

“I like the tickling of my nose from snow on a cold day.”