The only way we want to roll up to 1020

The only way we want to roll up to 1020

An Amish party was busted this weekend by Ohio cops after 75 teens were arrested for underaged drinking. (Newser)

President Obama nominated Abid Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench, making Qureshi the first Muslim in history to receive this honor. (Huffington Post)

The story doesn’t die with Pablo— Netflix’s Narcos will return for two more seasons in 2017. (CNN Money)

No one understands why Oklahoma has had thousands of years worth of earthquakes in such a short amount of time, but this geologist might. (NY Times)

As if a flight from Thailand to Austrailia weren’t bad enough, imagine doing it with 460 grams of cocaine pellets in your stomach. This is what one man, and thousands of others around the world, did (and still do) to transport illegal drugs. (CNN)

Cashin’ Out via Jimmy May/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise