summer vacation... a time for relaxation, and reports?

summer vacation… a time for relaxation, and reports?

We’re already a full week into the semester, and summer seems far behind us. So do we really have to complete those reports “required” by our internships? The presentations “required” by our grants? Did anything actually happen this summer? One Bwogger examines her failure to produce a 10-page final report (the culmination of three months’ work) for her summer internship, intended to be presented in August.

Three months of research
Are meant for something bigger —
A ten page report.

It has been three weeks
Since I opened my laptop;
My duties haunt me.

Deadlines are Dead lines.
These lines float across my screen.
None of them are right.

There is some beauty
In an unexamined life.
Or report, I think.

I have made progress.
I admire the new word
Typed all by myself.

I’ll, like, work today,
I think. I even write it
In my agenda.

I send an email:
“Hi! Sorry for the delay!
I’ll finish tonight.”

Earlier haiku…
Was a lie. I’m so sorry.
My life is a lie.

Also see: The Art of War.
And/or Ulysses.

I’ll finish tonight.
I have become prisoner
To my goddamn desk.

I take a moment;
I check the hour on my phone,
Long past eleventh.

The night has long left,
I awaken to a screen
Of half written words.

The report is filled
With these haikus of failure.
Can I turn this in?

I should have interned
Some place more at my own speed.
Like the DMV.