Invest in a volleyball, friends disappoint.

Invest in a volleyball, friends disappoint.

On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ricky Gervais, participating in a game forcing all participants to answer random questions from audience members, overshared when faced with a question pertaining to what it was like getting older. I think discussing your ‘pendulous testicles’ was a little much, Ricky. (Yahoo)

In other news, Apple Watch sales have tanked tremendously, bringing the rest of the company down with it. Despite being the market leader among ‘smart watches’, it seems to be lacking a certain appeal. Maybe, Apple should invest in some better colors. (Tech Crunch)

The Chicago Cubs’s recent victory against the Dodger’s warmed up the windy city. Cubs baseball caps were installed on the lions outside the Art Institute yesterday morning. Now, if only Columbia knew how to constructively deal with its recent victory similarly. (CBS Chicago)

Take off your tin foil hats, it appears scientists have come up with a new, compelling theory demystifying the Bermuda Triangle. Hexagonal shaped clouds emitting microbursts of air might be the cause.

Photo courtesy of that movie where Tom Hanks had a wild beard