It's never to cold for a nice, refreshing white wine

It’s never to cold for a nice, refreshing white wine

Ever gone to International totally overwhelmed by the abundance of options and settled for something less than satisfactory for a pregame or a Wine Wednesday? In Bwog’s newest weekly column, we give you the wine recommendations that won’t break the bank and are guaranteed to please even the most juvenile of taste buds.

Yellow Tail, the Australian wine company, has many noteworthy exports, but the most refreshing and crisp would have to be its Pinot Grigio. With hints of apple, lemon, and pear, this Pinot is perfectly paired with many types of food, particularly Vine sushi and other light options, on top of delivering a nice alcohol content (11.5%). This wine manages to be both refreshing and light, and sweet without being saccharine, which makes it a perfect selection for outdoor picnics on South Lawn or to serve with appetizers in your shafted McBain Double. At $8, this wine is on the cheaper side and worth every penny. For those who were hoping for an Indian Summer, this could help elongate the spirit of summer well into the bitter cold NYC winter. Spruce up your Senior Night or debate-watching party tonight and make hump day great again. Even the discounted drinks at Bernheim & Schwartz have nothing on this. This hidden gem comes in an incandescent green labeling–you’re sure not to miss it in the back right corner of International. Don’t miss out!