Thank God Thanksgiving is here, to remind us how not okay we all are.

Thank God Thanksgiving is here (to remind us how not okay we all are).

An LA resident is leading a lawsuit against Chipotle for feeling “excessively full” and realizing “that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories”, the new chorizo one that is. Who would have guessed that packing chicken, pork, sausage rice, beans, and cheese into a tortilla would be so filling? (USA Today)

Anna Farris may have to pay an animal shelter’s $5K fine after her adopted dog was found malnourished and abandoned. Can’t tell who’s the bigger bitch in this scenario? (Huffington Post)

Snapchat released some new snapbot vending machines in New York, dispensing a limited amount of rare Snapchat spectacles. The spectacles record video and upload them straight to snapchat from the sunglasses themselves. They’ve also opened a spectacle store opposite the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. (Social Media Today)

Texas senator, Konni Burton, has a new bill that would require that school counselors out LGBTQ students to their parents. Can Texas legislation pass anything not entirely inflammatory? Can one say no to JJ’s Mozzarella sticks? (Logo)

Photo courtesy of FOX’s Scream Queens