Don't whine this holiday season when you can wine about it!

Don’t whine this holiday season when you can wine about it!

In this week’s Whine & Cheez, Bwog reviews one of the most aptly named bottles for this holiday season. Family Time Is Hard, a new Pinot Grigio from The Fat Jew, is delicious enough to block out your Trump-loving family. When the going gets tough, the wine starts flowing.

Pinot Grigio, a light and crispy wine, may be more appropriate in late summer, but this particular label is more medium-bodied, making it the perfect wine for those of us California dreaming within frigid suburbia this Thanksgiving. This bright wine can warm up even the coldest of receptions with its name and almost tropical hints.

Pinot Grigio is usually paired with lighter foods like sushi and light cheeses; however, this pinot can go perfectly with turkey and the other savory and sweet sides at your Thanksgiving Feast. Drown out your uncle telling you that Hillary may still go to prison or your grandfather who is still convinced Obama is a terrorist. Sit in the back room, curl up with a bottle, and re-watch your favorite Netflix show while pretending you don’t have tons of CC reading to do.

Photo courtesy of The Snobette