This winter throw away your PSL and try something stronger (you're going to need it).

This winter throw away your PSL and try something stronger (you’re going to need it).

In this week’s installment of Wine & Cheez, it’s time for a selection that is heavier to warm you up during the colder weather. As we approach yet another break and reel from recent developments, Yellow Tail’s Chardonnay is the best way to get some premature R&R and decompress.

Chardonnay, a full-bodied white, is fairly heavy for a white wine. Using green-skinned grapes, this white wine can be enjoyed well into the winter. With a higher alcohol content, 13.5%, it can almost heal the wounds of a Trump presidency and a particularly hard midterm season.

This wine hints of tropical fruit, particularly melon, but leaves a nice creamy finish. This white can be paired with mild cheeses, poultry, light pastas, and vegetables. It’s also a great selection for red wine lovers hoping to branch out into white wines. Its perfect for a night-in in your shafted McBain double, a classier pregame in Nuss, or dinner parties in EC. At any occasion, this white will not disappoint with its versatility.

Yellow Tail, the Australian wine company, has many great selections, but this particular white is very much in demand. Get to International quick because this import will likely run out. Throw away your Pumpkin Spice Latte and let Chardonnay be your new Fall drink. Its alluring yellow packaged bottles can be spotted at the back right of International along with its fellow Yellow Tail imports.