Last year, around this time, we posted about slices of bread that some bold young Barnard student had attached (with thumbtacks) to the bulletin boards in the Quad. Today, we received a tip that the bulletin board bread has returned – and this time, it’s in Plimpton.

At first glance, it seems like a normal bulletin board...



BREAD! As fresh as though it came from the toast station at Hewitt.

BODY once told me

There it is, plain as day: bread as fresh as though it came from the toast station at Hewitt during lunch. Sources in Overheard @ Barnard report that bread was found on a bulletin board in Reid as well.

We here at Bwog are wondering: are these year’s bread boards the work of the same mastermind as last year’s? Or is this the work of an elite team of bread bandits, selected under the cover of night beneath a dying magnolia? Or has this phenomenon spread, as stress over finals grows, the lack of underground tunnels is felt more keenly, and students increasingly wish they could stab DSpar through the heart?

As before, the bread boards have left us with more questions than answers. If you are a Barnard Bread Bandit, you know a Barnard Bread Bandit, or you really want to date a Barnard Bread Bandit, hit us up at or on our anonymous tip form.

Photos via Bwog Staff