Let's just hope Trelawney doesn't see the Grim

Let’s just hope that your professor doesn’t   kill you off as often as Trelawney does to Harry

The cold, rainy, and gloomy weather might be a sign to just give up now, but let’s face our 8 ams with optimism: it’s syllabus week! We all wish that MLK’s birthday could defy logic and last for a week, but sadly the semester crept up on us and now it’s time to log off Netflix and face reality. We are all trying to keep our resolutions, whether it’s eating better or getting better grades. It’s more than likely that one or two of the professors on your schedule will try to make class more exciting by inserting memes into slides and trying to crack some jokes while reading the syllabus. Don’t get used to it: their resolutions won’t last a month let alone the whole semester.

Professors, like students, are unpredictable: they might show their dark side by giving you readings, or they could ease you into class with cool music or videos. Either way, CU professors are going to say some weird shit that deserves to be recognized. Whether it’s pure sass or lame jokes, we want to hear them all. Send all of the weird things your professors say this week to tips@bwog.com or leave them in the comments section. We don’t need professors’ names or classes- just attempts at perfecting comedic timing will do.

Fingers-crossed for a good semester via Harry Potter Wiki