Sliding into spring semester

If you slide into the spring semester this happy then you’re doing something right.

With the new semester upon us, Bwog takes a look back at winter break. No one seems to be happy on this rainy first day of classes, so we’ve decided to cheer you up! Winter Break was long overdue, but with break came its own challenges: Bwog gives you the rundown on what happened on our vacations. 

The Good:

  • Went to the naked Korean spa with my mom.
  • Ate an entire Costco-sized bag of dried mango.
  • Applied to roughly 100 internships.
  • Bought my sister 5 bottles of alcohol when I dropped her off at school in Canada (I don’t even need a fake to buy alc there!)
  • Drove for first time since June, didn’t crash.
  • Actually bought gifts for everyone I wanted to this year!
  • Carried a tote bag of seashells through two rounds of customs, border control, and security; worried they would think sharp part of shells could be considered a weapon but they didn’t!
  • Got interrogated by my dad when he found my fake. He asked me, “So, you’re 21 now?” I responded, “No dad, I’m 22.” He laughed. I kept my ID.
  • Worked all of break which sucked, but I made bank!
  • Jumped into the ocean on Christmas Day to participate in New England masochism.
  • Took my parents to Symposium. They bought me sangria and my dad made friends with the staff.
  • Learned a lot about volleyball in a very short amount of time.
  • Went snowmobiling.
  • A friend of mine from high school now owns a bus.

The Bad:

  • Lost my passport in Switzerland lol.
  • Stole a wet floor sign from the Boston metro.
  • Got back to my room, opened a drawer that had one bag of Skinny Pop in it and found the bag chewed through and my popcorn everywhere. Saw a mouse scurry out of my room two minutes later.
  • Got caught in the snow in Central Park, which was romantic for five minutes and then pretty dangerous.
  • Brought a 40 pound suitcase of shoes back to campus.
  • My mom received a bottle of my favorite alcohol (Smirnoff’s peppermint-infused vodka) in her office’s holiday Yankee swap; sadly, she couldn’t be persuaded to give it to me.
  • Fire alarm went off at 12:56 AM in River in Sunday morning. By the way, the River fire alarm doesn’t sound like a fire alarm but like a “enemy missiles have entered US airspace” alarm.
  • I just found an open thermos of wine on my bookshelf (hope my RA didn’t).

The Ugly:

  • Hosted a gathering on the last night before getting kicked out of dorms for break at 9 am. Woke up at 8 and had to recycle a bunch of alc bottles, do a lot on dishes, and pack.
  • Experienced hella jetlag because I sat next to a talkative NJB on my transantlantic redeye so I couldn’t sleep at all.
  • Parked my car in front of someone’s driveway and got towed by the sheriff’s office.
  • Found out my friend is a sad drunk on New Years Eve. Ended up taking care of all of my sick friends that night.
  • Physically fought my mom when she found my fake ID.
  • Got together with friends, got way too drunk, last memory of the night is singing “Breaking Free” from High School Musical and I woke up and I was in my own bed.
  • My family of 3 consumed over 50 ounces of sour cream in a 23-day period, not including the sour cream we had at Mexican restaurants.