Will the line be out the door?

Will the line be out the door?

Have you ever wanted to brag to your friends about how culturally enlightened you are? Have you ever wanted to do something so high class on weekends, you belong in a nineteenth century period drama? Have you ever wanted to spend your money on something more sophisticated than lamb gyros? Of course you have – you go to Columbia.

Luckily for you, the Columbia Arts Initiative offers a way for you to do all three of these things, rolled into one classy, cultural experience. The Ticket and Information Center (TIC) on the second floor (or campus level) of Lerner discounted tickets to Broadway shows, New York Philharmonic concerts, and numerous other theater, music, and dance performances in NYC. And the first day that office is open this semester is today, starting at 1 pm.

But before you start lining up in the Lerner lobby, consider this: all of the tickets offered at the TIC are also offered online on the Arts Initiative website. You can feel classy from the comfort of your dorm room!

And if the TIC’s prices are still a little high for you, don’t worry – we’ve found some great deals on rush and student tickets for some of the same performances.

Lerner on a day probably far sunnier than today via Columbia’s website