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Library Review: Business Library

Looking to get down to business? Bwog is here to help! This time around Bwog writer Jack Treanor reviews The Thomas J. Watson Library of Business and Economics.

The Thomas J. Watson Library of Business and Economics

Location: 130 Uris Hall, Campus Level Accessible Library

Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 8 am to Midnight. Thursday 8 am to 10 pm
Friday, 8 am to 9 pm. Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm
Sunday, 10 am to Midnight

Contact: (212) 854-7804,


  • Total: ~370 seats
  • Second Level Table Seating: 50 seats
  • Main Level Table Seating: 330 seats
  • Computers: 20 seats
  • Comfy: 25 Seats
  • Seats for Talking: All the seats (not a quiet library)


  • Printers: 1 PawPrint Printer, multiple printers available only to business school students
  • Scanners: 4 scanners (1 does not require log in)
  • Computers: 20 PC computers
  • Lighting: dramatic radiating ceiling fluorescents.
  • Outlets: Outlet blocks clamped to tables
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms located on first floor of Uris Hall outside of library
  • Food/Drink: Eat to your heart’s desire, multiple banks of vending machines located within library.
  • Windows/Views: The window space is monopolized by the group study rooms. Limited natural light allotted for the main proletariat area
  • Smoking: Is dangerous, but a smoking area is conveniently located outside Uris Hall
  • Books: “One of the largest collections in the United States for the study of management, finance, economics, industry and related fields”
  • Decor: Imagine built in 1960s, renovated in the 80s, and furnished in the early 2000s.
  • Group Study Rooms: 34 Group study rooms with a computer, white board, and six chairs. Available to business school students only.

Atmosphere: The unique aspect of the library that quickly becomes apparent is that it is not a quiet library. There is constantly a low buzz of chit-chat, vending machines, and the click-clack of the capitalist machine. The vibe can best be described as a corporate office without the cubicles. Because of this it is a very practical library. It isn’t exactly conducive to reading Shakespeare, but if you want to power your way through a dense political science reading or dominate a calculus problem set with a group of friends this library is perfect. The library exudes efficiency. A few hours in here and you’ll be ready to go right from your CC homework to inflating the housing bubble through sub-prime mortgages. Because of the casual and almost lawless nature of this library it is very versatile, you can really do whatever work you want here. In sum, if you like doing work in a high school cafeteria this is the library for you.

Dating Options: After asking a few undergrads about their experiences at the business library an unexpected theme emerged, “older men”. Because of the infantile and dysfunctional nature of the Columbia undergrad dating prospects and the library’s casual chatty atmosphere the business library is the perfect place to flirt to your heart’s desire. While many prefer myself a more sensitive breed, the business library offers a unique opportunity to find yourself a sugar daddy/mama.

Warnings: The library has a very large number of signs that read “WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNATTENDED PROPERTY”. While I have never had a problem, the sheer number of signs definitely suggests that there has been issues in the past. As well, there is a slight tremor in the floor that one starts to notices after a few hours in the library. This may be a result of the gym equipment below in Dodge or the dying screams of a neglected heating system built in the 1960s. As well, undergraduates are not allowed in the library during finals unless you are an economics major after 5 p.m.

Conclusion: This library has a very unique feel. It allows you to chit chat, yet compels you to do work. Come here to feel inspired to get your life together.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous This is the largest business and economics collection of any university in the United States.

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