I wouldn’t recommend googling “pregnant giraffe.”

Good Morning, Columbia! The forecast in NYC today is more clouds and drizzle… hopefully warm weather is on its way. And if it’s not, I swear I’m going to fucking lose it. I can’t take this cold anymore. But, don’t fret, because regardless of the weather, we still have today’s bwoglines! Check ‘em out.

Happening in the nation: As of yesterday, South Carolina joins Oregon, Gonzaga, and UNC in the Final Four! For those of you who are confused, this is about basketball, that game with the squeaky sneakers and bouncy orange ball.

Happening in NYC: Over the weekend, an apartment fire in the Bronx turned into a police investigation when firefighters found over 10 pounds of weed. Apparently the building super (a 65 year old man!) had been growing in the apartment building basement for years.

Happening on campus: There are so many cool events today! I personally think About Abortion: Book Launch and Panel Discussion, Center for Gender and Sexuality Law looks extremely interesting. It’s from 5:30-7:30 in Jerome Greene Hall room 106. Check out our bucketlist to see all the great events this week.

Overheard: I’m honestly torn between “I’m so anti pre-med that I’m post-med” (overheard in the St. Luke’s emergency room) and “Doesn’t BYOB mean bring your own bag? Like at Trader Joe’s?” They’re both just so great.

Check out this livestream of a pregnant giraffe. 

Image via Alamy