RIP BoSchwo

Your Senior Night plans are cancelled. Bernheim and Schwartz will close its doors indefinitely tomorrow, April 30, 2017, after just three years in Morningside Heights. Despite serving only a short tenure on campus, Bernheim had established itself as many seniors’ weekly Wednesday night plans, a decent place for a giant pretzel, and a hard-ass on fakes. We wonder what freshmen will do now that they won’t be receiving a free Bernheim bottle opener in their NSOP goodie bags.

After hearing a rumor from a friend of Bwog, we gave Bernheim a call to confirm. Though Bernheim & Schwartz won’t be open for a beer anymore, their catering business will continue to operate. When Bernheim moved in during 2014, they replaced Havana Central. Naturally, we’ve got to wonder just who will be replacing Bernheim (and if anyone will be replacing Bernheim; how much space does a catering business take up?) We’re sort of sad to see them go, but also hopeful that the replacement will provide us with a new Wednesday night tradition. RIP BoSchwo.