A nice view from Broadway of the 114th street brownstone backyards.

Worrying about where you’re gonna live next semester as beautiful dorms are slowly taken from you? Don’t fret, Bwog has got you covered with another Housing Review: Broadway Hall!

Location: 556 West 114th Street

Nearby dorms: Hogan, Carman, Ruggles, 114th Brownstones

Stores and restaurants: Amir’s, M2M, Sweetgreen, Nussbaum and Wu, anything on Broadway pretty much.

Cost: Now following the standard upperclass dorm price of $9,292. The dorm was priced at $$8,166/year last year.


  • Bathrooms: Shared bathrooms, two for men and two for women, on each floor. Multiple single-use bathrooms on ground floor past the lobby.
  • AC/Heating: Air conditioning and heating. Heating is infamous for being too hot when unneeded, not hot enough when required.
  • Kitchen: Shared kitchens on each floor. Kitchen is pretty sparse, though, with a stove, microwave, and sink.
  • Lounge: There’s a lounge on each floor, with a TV. Two large lounges, including a “sky lounge,” on 14th floor. Also an open lounge with adjacent seating (looking over 114th Brownstone backyards) on ground level.
  • Laundry: There’s a medium-sized laundry room in the basement.
  • Computers/Printers: A PawPrint printer is located on the ground level outside the building lounge.
  • Gym: Gym newly renovated on 4th floor of building.
  • Floor transportation: Two fast elevators in the Broadway portion of the Hogan-Broadway complex.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: No carpeting in building.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.
  • Miscellaneous: There are 4 music practice rooms in Broadway, and a seminar room on the ground floor. The Residential Life offices for West Campus and The Block are located in Broadway as well.

Room Variety:

  • Singles: Many, many singles from between ~100 square feet to ~130 square feet. Rooms are squarish, but the smaller or bigger the room, the more rectangular the space.
  • A few doubles on each floor, varying from ~160 square feet on the low side, to ~200 square feet for the larger doubles. These are not walkthrough doubles.


  • Singles: The last Broadway interior (read: small) single went to 20/1795. Good for rising Juniors with middling (at least) lottery numbers.
  • Doubles: The last Broadway interior double went to 20/2606. Good last resort for any unlucky rising Juniors in a pair.

Bwog Recommendation:

  • Broadway is an interesting dorm. Part of a joint complex with Hogan, Broadway is extremely close to Lerner and South Campus. Due to its location at the corner of 114th and Broadway, everything on that main thoroughfare is also closely availible. The rooms are generally nice and private, as they are mostly singles with (average) air conditioning. Residents complain about the heat, but at least the building has functional heaing. Due to its more modern renovations, its location, and the wide variety of amenities within the building, Broadway makes a great location for any unlucky Seniors, average Juniors, and a few lucky Sophomores.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Broadway is much nicer than the dorm I moved from, especially as the upperclassmen vibe is very strong within the dorms. Everybody has their own thing going on, and the dorm’s location is paramount for any CC student who likes to leave for class in South Campus 10 minutes before class begins.”
  • “The heat was really bad this year, as Columbia turned on the heat to full blast while it was still somewhat warm outside. But the views and amenities are great, and the Broadway sky lounge is better than Schapiro’s, in my opinion.”
  • “Not really any community on my floor, but that’s because we’re all mostly upperclassmen who have things to do and friend groups already. But if I wanted to go to parties every weekend night I’d be living in EC, not Broadway. Also the music practice rooms can be annoying if you’re in the lounge area on the first floor with people of varying skill playing piano all day.”


Images via Bwogger Finn Klauber