A suite of EC residents awoke on Thursday after 40s on 40 to find that a rude party pooper had entered their suite, defecated in their dishwasher, and vomited in their bathroom.

We spoke to Jac Kovarik, one of the residents of the affected suite, about what went down. She said the defecator must have entered the suite between 4:30 AM, when she fell asleep, and 5:30 AM, when one of her suitemates returned home to find the mess. “This is not the first time someone has come into our suite in the middle of the night because our door was propped open, but no one has ever, like, destroyed our home like this,” she said. “The amount of damage they did is kind of unreal, and we wonder if there were more than one person.”

Some memes about the incident have popped up on columbia buy sell memes, which Jac finds “funny, but I think the incident itself is not too funny. Like, I made a Facebook status about it and people laughed and whatever, but it’s extremely fucked up.”

As far as Jac knows, Columbia isn’t investigating the incident–she and her suitemates alerted the Hartley Hospitality Desk, but they weren’t asked any questions about what happened.

Come on guys. Respect others’ spaces. Don’t poop on others’ parade.