A small baby first year ready for another night of drinking

Happy Wednesday of NSOP! Hope you’re not too hungover and ready to conquer another day of scheduled programming–luckily, today doesn’t seem to be too packed. Remember: if you see/hear/do anything ridiculous, send it to us at tips@bwog.com or through our anonymous tip form.

Today’s highlights:

  • Scoops with Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Staff: Let professors serve you ice cream from before they start serving you some bad grades. They’ll be scooping 2:30-4:30 on Van Am Quad (in front of Hartley).
  • Community Forum: Come together with first year students from all four undergraduate schools from 8:30-10pm in Levien Gym. It’s basically a pep rally, which probably won’t be too fun if you’re somehow still hungover from the night before, but it’s a rite of passage!
  • Remember to pick up your ticket for the Yankees vs. Red Sox game! You can get it today until 7pm.

One thing to do before graduating: Go to Brooklyn. Seriously. We know it seems far, but try taking the 2 or 3 train down and exploring some weekend. Maybe even consider living in Brooklyn some summer.

From the archives: Did you remember reading about the Columbia Wrestling Team doing something shitty last year? You can check out the full story here.