A squirrel looks at the camera from a tree, with a half-eaten bagel next to it.

Hide Your Pizza, Hide Your Bagels

Happening in the World: With Kenya one month away from holding a “rerun” presidential election following an annulled vote in August, opposition parties threaten that the October election will not come to pass unless dramatic reform occurs. (Yahoo! News)

Happening in the Nation: A New Hampshire law removing criminal penalties on minor marijuana possession went into effect this weekend. Possession can still carry a fine, but it will not be a primary offense, and funds raised will go towards drug addiction treatment and prevention. (Bangor Daily News)

Happening in NYC: As you can see in our featured image, Reddit user EstVeritas had their bagel stolen away from them by a squirrel. You go, squirrel. (Reddit)

Happening on Campus: Get yourself some culture in Barnard Hall tonight at “Women Poets at Barnard: Donna Masini, Sharon Olds, and Brittany Perham.” Women. Words. Wine? 7:00 pm. Sulzberger Parlor.

Overheard in Butler: “Do they have elevators here?” Yes, but each one either only goes up or only goes down.

Pizza Squirrel via EstVeritas