Does anyone actually use the mics in those big lecture halls?

You enter the lecture hall (ten minutes before class starts – the earliest you’ll be all semester), take a seat in the middle a calculated distance from the door, throw a jacket over the chair next to you to provide a sufficient buffer between you and the next person. The professor swoops in and spends far too long figuring out how to pull their slides up on the projector, giving you a few minutes to check your phone one last time before the syllabus spiel starts.

And then, they start talking. This is the defining moment: will this professor wow you with a funny quip, or bore you with a long-winded anecdote? Or will they attempt to show how “relatable” they are by pulling out a meme?

Whether your professors are entertaining or awful, we want to hear what they say this first week of classes. What are they doing to convince you to stay in (or drop out)? Send your professors’ opening remarks to or via our anonymous form, or comment them below. Get featured in our upcoming round-up!

Photo via Acclaim Images