Our professors during office hours

We’re officially one week into the semester now – we’ve had all of our first classes, and all of our professors have had their shots at first impressions. These opening remarks range from the curious, to the sad, to the distressingly relatable.

Rashid Khalidi, History of the Modern Middle East: “I know sleep is more important for you than anything else, except maybe sex, so please try to drag your tired carcasses here for lecture.”

John Glendenning, Statistics & Research Design: “There’s no textbook for this course… I’m doing that in part because textbooks are ridiculously expensive.”

Achille Varzi, Metaphysics: “Do you know why kangaroos are called kangaroos?”

Irena Klepfisz, Contemporary American Jewish Woman Writers: “If you don’t understand the reading, it’s possible the author just isn’t a good writer.”

James Applegate, Earth, Moon, and Planets: “Office hours are usually the loneliest part of my life.”

Gil Hochberg, Theory & Culture: “Claude Levi-Strauss needed an editor. White men wrote too much. This could have been 10 pages.”

Hisham Matar, Fiction Writing: “Some people say they’re good with names, but bad with faces. Some say they’re good with faces, but bad with names. I am bad with both.”

Natasha Lightfoot, The Modern Caribbean: “You can’t do a film review of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Adam Cannon, Intro to Java: So many good remarks, we gave him his own post section last week.

Sad reacts only via publicdomainpictures.net