I’m kind of a big dill. They have devoted a whole day to me in NYC!

Happening in the World: Somalia has been devastated by a deadly explosion that killed at least 75 people. A car bomb went off in its capital, Mogadishu, injuring 200 on Saturday. In addition to several car bomb attacks this year, Somalia has also faced severe famine as violence and food shortages have plagued the nation. As of now, responsibility for the deplorable attack has not been claimed (CNN).

Happening in the US: Former White House employee (chief strategist) Steve Bannon declared ‘war’ on the GOP establishment Saturday morning at the Values Voter Summit, an annual political conference in D.C. for social conservative activists and officials. “Bannon has been openly attacking members of the Republican establishment for what he sees as hindering President Donald Trump’s agenda. Another senator he referenced in [his] speech was Sen. Bob Corker, whom Bannon called at the summit ‘a real piece of work'” (CNN).

Happening in NYC: Today is Pickle Day (at least in the Lower East Side). Pickle Day in NYC is the world’s largest pickle festival. The organizers of the event say that it is “packed with giant games, a face painter, live DJs, balloon animals, carnival games, giveaways galore . . . [and] all things pickled with 20+ picklers, 30 local eateries, specialty ice cream surprises, pickles on a stick, and our giant talking pickle mascot!” (Pickle Day). It is free admission and starts at 12 PM. More information on the event can be found here.

Happening on campus: The Indic Book Club will be hosting a talk on “Lost Wisdom of Symbols in Hinduism” tonight from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM in room 524 at the SW Mudd Building. Ajay Chaturvedi will be speaking at the event.

Overheard: “It almost feels like we go to a state school!”

Image via Public Domain