The promised land…

Late on a weekend night, there’s only one reason that anyone would be heading up onto the bridge over Amsterdam: East Campus. But not all those who enter the lobby can get in. CC and SEAS students slide past without trouble, while others stand patiently for long minutes, sometimes even hours, until they can find some friend or friendly stranger to sign them in. Earlier tonight, we took to that very lobby to ask the people waiting there what they would do in that moment in order to secure one elusive EC sign-in. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • “I’d wait for five minutes.”
  • “I’d suck a dick.”
  • “Suck a dick twice”
  • “Go outside naked.”
  • “Honestly, after like ten minutes, I’d just give up.”
  • “Go up to random people and ask them for a sign in.”
  • “Venmo people.”
  • “I would send a text to my boyfriend.”
  • “Eat five cooked eggs.”
  • “Freshman year, I’d just go up to people and be like, do you live here, can you sign me in, I could give you a blowjob real fast.”
  • “Suck a dick.”
  • “Teach someone how to use the Diana.”
  • “Not much, honestly.”

Photo via Bwog Staff