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Bwog In Bed: I Procrastinate Through My Multiple Existential Crises Edition

I’m dreaming of a milk-and-cookies Christmas.

Bwogline: Trump officials have banned CDC officials from using a list of seven words, including “transgender” and “fetus,” in official documents for next year’s budget. (WaPo)

Study tip: If you find yourself getting bored with your usual spot in Butler, change up where you’re studying! Cognitive scientists have found that studying in different settings helps memory recall. Bwog has handy lists of the best non-crowded study spaces on campus, as well the warmest places on campus to study.

Music: To ease yourself away from finals sadness and towards holiday cheer, here’s a Christmas instrumental study playlist compiled by yours truly. You got this!

Procrastination Tip: Read! If you haven’t already read the very smart, very Bwog-approved New Yorker story Cat Person, I would also recommend this super interesting NYT feature on New York’s new subway chief, Andy Byford.

Overseen: A broken bowl outside JJ’s. RIP little guy.


My wet dream via Pixabay

Who even smokes in JJ’s via Bwogger

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