Welcome, Betsy!

As the snow falls and the days shorten, the end of 2017 nears. With its approach comes the expiry of my tenure as Editor in Chief, which has brought lots of joy into my life since its start last December. I’m sure many of you can relate to the delight I’ve found in my deep investment to this site, as our extracurriculars often supply as much wisdom as our courses. Bringing you all CU’s news, gossip, and free food has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities I’ve had, both as a wee Daily Editor and as Bagel in Chief.

Betsy, this past year’s Managing Editor, will take my place, along with her newly appointed board. I can’t wait for their passion for Bwog to bring us another year of informative and entertaining content.  And of course, who could forget about all of your favorite Daily Editors and Staff Writers? They will also be here next year, bringing you all of your eating-alone-in-Ferris content.

Next semester I’ll be reading from abroad, so you won’t catch me and my candle without shoes on in Ref for a while. But thank you for a good time you guys! Rush Bwog!

Amara Banks