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Almost Over: July Round-Up 2018

Hello, dear readers! We here at Bwog hope that your summer has been going spectacularly. Now that we have a month left until school, here’s a little update on what’s been happening in MoHi to wake you from your blissful oblivion.


  • Up Coffee closed, and Joe Coffee is replacing it.
  • There’s a plant in a Broadway Hall water fountain.
  • A professor at the Columbia Business School, Geert Bekaert, was found liable for retaliation in a sexual harassment case.
  • Hewitt Dining Hall has an A health rating now. Technically they only have one less violation point than before (they got a B with 14 points last October, and had 13 points on July 26, which gave them an A with the maximum number of points possible) but we’re still proud of her.
  • Columbia Dining is phasing out plastic straws, but they will still be available upon request for accessibility needs.
  • Alma Mater had her patina cleaned.
  • Columbia’s shuttle service has now fully switched over to electric buses. Columbia is the first university in NYC and the first Ivy League school to go electric, according to the Columbia University Twitter. However, the new buses are too small for the 50+ people who commute to/from the Lamont campus every day, who, ironically, are mostly environmental studies people.
  • Prezbo is standing by Columbia’s affirmative action policy.
  • Columbia Men’s Basketball lost Lukas Meisner (formerly CC ’19 and one of the team’s top players) to a professional German team.
  • A giant tree fell in Riverside Park, but Maggie Jr. is thriving.
  • There’s a new Chinese noodle place on 123rd. It’s got some good Yelp reviews.
  • A NYPL card will now get you into most museums that you couldn’t get into with a CUID for free.
  • The Milstein Center has books now! They were stored in offsite storage for the last two years. The center will be closed until classes start on Sept 4 but their staff will be available.

Some pics: 

Field Notes:

  • Dying from a prolonged heat wave in East Asia
  • Decided what I want my next tattoo to be
  • Got my first real paycheck of the summer and immediately booked a flight to Bangkok
  • Saw so many super gay concerts
  • Worked at the best camp ever
  • Realized my crush doesn’t like Bwog on Facebook (sadness)
  • Had a family friend staying with me ditch to have car sex with a guy off Bumble (and had to keep her cover for 2+ hours so our parents wouldn’t find out)
  • Started writing my first article for CULR!
  • Have been adopted by three gay men in the French countryside
  • Learned that I am fucking amazing at croquet
  • Smoked my first joint
  • Got blazed on the top of a castle
  • Got drunk and made a scene on the subway because my friend said that U2 and Nickleback could be put in the same category
  • Was taught how to roll a blunt from my mom and ended up smoking on my neighbor’s roof
  • Spent several weekends trashed downtown because I drunched too hard and then shamelessly told my hot coworker about it
  • Heard Lin Manuel Miranda yell, “ABRA-CA-FUCK-YOU!”
  • Discovered I have a bunch of mutual Columbia friends with someone who’s a big fan of my anime fanfic
  • Thought I’d lost my wallet and cancelled all my cards, only to find the wallet in my backpack the next morning
  • Watched six Star Trek movies in slightly over 24 hours

Photos via various Bwog staffers

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SMD I MISS U 😭 (read more)
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