The young, hot professor you’re inexplicably and ashamedly attracted to

We all have guilty pleasures and sometimes that guilty pleasure is the only reason we run to 8:40 lectures. Bwog Finance takes a stab at the pros and cons of having hot professors.

Benefit: Your attendance is impeccable. You always go to class and you’re extremely punctual.

Cost: You can never pay attention in class. Instead, you count how many times you make eye contact. You fantasize what it would be like if this professor knew your name. If maybe, by some odd chance of the universe, they led your discussion section and you could impress them with your elementary takes on anthropology.

Benefit: You are motivated to attend office hours just to get some one-on-one time.

Cost: The amount of readings you’ll have to actually do is ridiculous. You can’t just bullshit your way through office hours – you need specific lines from the text, close readings of the 200 pages you usually skimmed or frankly ignored. You’ve got to impress them with questions like, “How do we reconcile…” or “Aren’t these innately combative ideologies?”

Benefit: As a modern student, you are well versed in the practice of Googling someone’s name. You find your professor’s Facebook with a profile picture from 2012.

Cost: You find your professor’s Facebook with a profile picture from 2012.

Benefit: You’re extremely fascinated by the content they produce. You’ve never been more invested in research.

Cost: The research you’re doing is lurking through your professor’s Instagram. The only content on it is three to eight overly-filtered vignette photos, the most recent posted on August 3, 2014 with their spouse. Real cost: heartbreak.

My hot professor is more like Indiana Jones via Bwog Archives