I can taste this just looking at it.

The Avocado…

Millennials have given this fruit a bad rep because they spend $15 plus dollars on a measly slice of usually under-toasted Bunny bread with a glob of some underwhelming, unseasoned, green swamp monster guts (mostly in order to take a picture of it in front of some up-lit, paisley LA wallpaper that will surely gain you some followers on Instagram).

And I know, I KNOW, sometimes that avocado toast just sounds so damn delicious that you begrudgingly shell out your last crumpled-up dollars bills that you swore you’d use to buy something useful—like dish soap or draino.

But please. Please just do yourself a favor and make your own. Because it’s so easy and you can make like *five* avocado toasts using the money you’d spend at that swanky brunch spot in the west village.

Avocado (1 small or 1/2 large) ***you can buy a bag of tiny avocados at trader joe’s (my main man) for very little money
Squeeze of lemon juice *add more to taste
Salt *do not forget this
Toasted/Griddled bread *always tastes better with butter

Toast your bread.
Cut your avocado. ***see below
Mash your avocado directly onto the bread with a fork, squeeze in some lemon juice and sprinkle with flaky sea salt. VOILA!!! You have your fancy avocado toast.

***So I’ve seen many people struggle to cut their avocado and just make a ridiculous mess for such a tiny lil’ thing. Here’s what you do: slice into the avocado long-wise (like a hotdog) and, using the seed as a pivot, cut through the avocado until you are back where your knife made the initial incision. At this point, you should have two halves of the fruit. Remove the seed. Keeping the fruit in the skin, cut each half of the avocado into three-four strips. Using a large spoon, scoop out of the avocado flesh onto your toasted bread.***

*feta cheese, red chili flakes, honey
*harissa or salsa
*everything bagel seasoning
*strawberries + balsamic vinegar
*bacon and/or eggs
*sliced radishes + cracked pepper

toast! via Bwog Staff