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The weather’s just brisk enough to remind this first-year Bwogger of fall bonfires and roasting s’mores. She realizes, unfortunately, that it might not be realistic to have an evening bonfire get-together on Butler Lawn, and has instead crafted a recipe for S’mores Dessert Dip using ingredients gathered strictly from John Jay and Ferris! Share with friends in the warmth of your dorm, or eat it entirely by yourself with a spoon–we’re not judging.

Disclaimer: Make sure you grab your ingredients with a meal swipe—CU Dining offers take-out boxes for you to bring back to your dorm.

This week: S’mores Dessert Dip

Appliances: a microwave


  • 6 packets of cream cheese
  • two John Jay coffee-cups full of mini marshmallows (can be found by the ice cream machine)
  • an almost-coffee-cup of marshmallow fluff
  • a half-coffee-cup of hot fudge (or Nutella, if you’re up to it??)
  • a green take-out box of as many graham crackers as you’d like
  • a pinch of salt


  1. Toast one cup-full of marshmallows in the microwave until they’re fluffy-gooey, about thirty seconds.
  2. Scoop them into a bowl and mix with cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Sprinkle a pinch of salt. Stir some more.
  3. Add the second cup-full of marshmallows, un-microwaved, into the dip. Stir.
  4. Melt your hot fudge (or Nutella!) in the microwave for ten or so seconds at a time until it reaches the desired warm, gooey consistency.
  5. Take some big scoops of hot fudge and dollop them right on top of your dip.
  6. Enjoy on graham crackers! Wipe gently at the tears that come to the corners of your eyes.

Two fellow first-years from Wallach, Wesley from Mississippi and returning reviewer Veronica, taste-tested the finished product.

Upon eating his first bite of graham cracker and dip, Wesley expressed his enjoyment through a string of curse words that will be left to readers’ imaginations. “Make sure you include those in your article,” he noted, before describing the sensation of his eyes rolling back in his head.

Veronica said simply, “This is fire.”

But don’t just take their word for it! Give the S’mores Dessert Dip a shot for yourself, and let Bwog know how it goes! As always, stay tuned for more Cooking With Bwog, John Jay and Ferris Editions to get the most out of your meal plan.

gourmet food photos via Bwog Staff