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Where To Fill the Bagel-Shaped Hole In Your Heart Now That Nuss Is Closed

I want a bagel now

Ever since Nuss closed, we all have been searching for a new place to get delicious bagels from. Living in the city that’s famously known for its bagels sets high standards for the food, but here are a few places in MoHi you can visit to fulfill your needs. 

Some good options:

  • Obviously, its Absolute Bagels on 108 but I’m biased because I live in fucking harmony hall
  • Broadway bagel at like 101st street if you’re down there gets the job done – used to go there on my way to work
  • There is Bo’s bagels on Frederick Douglass and 116th, but you really just go there for the excellent cream cheese selection
  • Absolute Bagels is for sure the best (plus something about the no bullshit attitude and non-existence atmosphere really makes it)

In defense of Strokos…

  • Strokos bagels are trash but kind of ok for the egg sausage bagels
  • Strokos will put avocado on your bagel which is a strong point in their favor
  • The bagel flesh is eh but I agree the construction is fantastic. I also like their variety of topping options
  • First of all, Strokos bagels are not trash they are very good. Maybe not the best, but definitely the best option if you’re trying to sneak them into Butler. They are tasty, have a good cream cheese to dough ratio, and can be toasted (which is great especially on a chilly day) and is packaged in a wonderful welcoming brown paper bag also if you are wondering why I have penned so many words on a literal deli bagel it is because I am drunk

If you just really want a bagel

  • Morton Williams bagels are actually ok (also they’re very cheap if you for some reason need to buy in bulk)
  • Samad’s – I heard they suck but they exist
  • Westside, Milanos, Morton Williams also have them but they probably suck
  • There are little carts on 114th and Broadway and 113th and Amsterdam in the morning
  • I have heard that Hamdel’s bagels are alright but I can’t personally confirm because I always get The Betsy™ there

Addenda: more submissions

  • According to a commenter, Appletree has “fine bagels.”
  • Apparently, Milano’s has bagels for $2.50 with cream cheese and they’re very good. This submission came from a bagel snob born and raised in NYC, so it’s probably trustworthy.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous appletree has fine bagels !

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