I’m the one all the way on the right! This is in the pre-moth days :/

I wish this damn moth would go away. From the second I popped on, to the tune of some a cappella group singing some song no one can hear anyway, it’s just been hovering around me and my friends. It just won’t leave us alone! No matter where we go (which, admittedly, is nowhere) this thing follows us. I don’t know why, it’s not like we have interesting conversations or anything. Mostly we just compare the trees we’re on and catch up with the neighbors on either side of us. Occasionally there’s a new light around, but that hasn’t happened since, like, Orgo Night was in 209. I don’t know how to actually measure time. I’m a lightbulb. What do you want from me.

Luce, Lumière, and I have been living next to each other for 10 seasons now. Luce moved in when Licht burned out. I was sad to see Licht go, but at least she doesn’t have to deal with this UGLY FUCKING MOTH. This has never happened to us before! I know Glühbirne, Ampoule, and Lampadina had a similar problem a few years back. The moth drove them crazy! They couldn’t get a moment’s peace! Now all they can do is sing Christmas carols, poor things.

NO! I will not let my sanity be dictated by a moth. I will not spend the rest of my tenure as a light on a tree at Columbia University in the City of New York singing Christmas carols. If anything, it will be Broadway showtunes. But not Dear Evan Hansen because I am better than that.

antebellum lights via Bwog Archives