Is this a picture of Orgo Night or Midnight Breakfast? You decide.

Tonight is probably the night with the highest ratio of events that tour guides mention to the number of hours in which they occur – both Orgo Night and Midnight Breakfast are tonight!

You’ve (hopefully) seen the posters for Orgo Night at this point, but in case you haven’t, it’ll be at 11:59 pm in Butler! CUMB will be dishing out their hot takes on the semester and playing some music along the way.

The information for the Midnight Breakfast is on the Facebook event, but doors open at 11 pm for Barnard first years, at 11:30 pm for other Barnard students, and at 12 am for Columbia students. Be sure to go get some breakfast because let’s be real, it’ll probably be your only chance for a balanced breakfast until finals are over.

Photo via Bwog Archives