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Bwoglines: World War Picture Edition

It’s many people’s third favorite day of the week! Here’s the lowdown.

Happening in the World: The Catholic Church revealed yesterday that it has secret guidelines for dealing with priests who father children. The news comes just before the Church hosts a meeting for protecting minors. (NY Times)

Happening in the US: Trump warned the Venezuelan military yesterday that they would “lose everything” if they continue to support President Maduro’s blockade against foreign aid. The US and Venezuelans who oppose Maduro plan to sneak aid through the southern border. The move will hopefully undermine Maduro’s legitimacy. (NY Times)

Happening in NYC: George Mendonsa, believed to be the sailor in a famous V-J Day picture at Times Square, passed away yesterday at age 95. He enlisted in the army at age 19, serving on a destroyer eventually struck by kamikaze pilots. His identity in the V-J Day picture has been supported by facial recognition tests. (NY Times)

Happening on campus:  Peter Awn, Dean Emeritus of the School of General Studies, passed away two days ago. He was a beloved figure on campus for over forty years, and in addition to being Dean of GS, he served as a Lit Hum teacher, a Professor of Islam and Comparative Religion, the Director of the Middle East Institute, and more.

We extend our deepest condolences to Dean Awn’s loved ones.

Song Rec: “Water No Get Enemy,” By Fela Kuti

Nigerian musician-activist Fela Kuti fused funk, jazz, and West African music (especially chanting and percussion) to form a new genre of music, Afrobeat. He became wildly popular in Nigeria.

His lyrics, which protest colonialism and corruption, provoked the dictatorial Nigerian military, who had him arrested and beaten multiple times. He produced music until the 1990s, when he passed away from AIDS complications.

He never reached the level of renown he deserved in the US, but his influence on American music remains palpable today. He directly inspired the band I featured last week, Talking Heads.


Kiss via Wikimedia Commons

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