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Rejected Columbia Song Titles From Vampire Weekend

Remember when Vampire Weekend released “Harmony Hall” last month, allowing all of us Mohi-tians to briefly step away from the course notes and Blue Java pastry bags littering our Butler desks and, for the most fleeting of moments, take part in a glamorous dream world of – gasp – celebrity?

Yeah, us too. Well, according to a little bird at McSweeney’s, “Harmony Hall” was not Vampire Weekend’s first pass at a Columbia-related song title. And who can blame them? Whether it be the peculiar farmlike qualities of Avery or the non-existence of Sker-mer-horn Hall, there is vast fodder to muse upon at Columbia (so vast that like, we literally do it professionally, y’all).

Here were Vampire Weekend’s rejected Columbia song titles:

  • “McBain Roof”
  • “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Against Housing Selection)”
  • “Prezbo’s Audi”
  • “At the Theological Seminary”
  • “I Stand Corrected (Said By No CC Boy Ever)”
  • “Everlasting Carlton Arms”
  • “Roar, Young Lion, Roar”
  • “Diana Dining Dollars”
  • “Speaking Fellow”
  • “re: Butler stacks” (Bon Iver cover)
  • “Chicago Manual of Style”
  • “On Butler’s Facade”
  • “Bacchanal Kids”
  • “Athena’s Nips”
  • “Stress Culture Blue”
  • “Lerner Turnstile”
  • “Barnard Chimmy Changa”
  • “Low Step”
  • “Core Curriculum Kwassa Kwassa”

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