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Barnard Housing Recap: Six-Person Lottery

It was the best of times for some groups, and it was the worst of times for some unlucky sophomores. Betsy “Finally Graduating From This Shit” Ladyzhets and Sarah “I have to do this two more times?!” Braner bring you the results.

Even though we might not liveblog Barnard room selection, that doesn’t mean our lottery isn’t as nailbiting. The conclusion of the 6-person lottery Wednesday morning marked the last chance for groups bigger than 3 to pick together. Only the 1/2/3 remains as the Guaranteed List looms.

Competition for Cathedral Gardens was fierce, with only 6 groups able to pick into it and a cutoff of 200/29 (exactly the same as last year). 616 filled up next with a cutoff of 150/62. Then all-sophomore groups started picking, filling up 620 (cutoff: 100/84), Plimpton (cutoff: 100/85), 600 (cutoff: 100/90), and 110 (cutoff: 100/91).

Notably, there is one all-senior suite in Plimpton and three all-senior suites in 600, all of which were picked before CG was gone. Plimpton was quite popular with juniors this year, with 15 all-junior groups picking in (5 more than last year). Plimpton’s cutoff this year was much more severe than last year’s cutoff of 100/96, leaving many rising sophomores disappointed. 25 all-sophomore groups out of 116 total groups didn’t get to pick. However, the two all-sophomore groups that picked into 620 aren’t doing so bad for themselves. And the all-junior group to nab the last CG suite is probably feeling alright as well!

Here are the pie-charted results with percentages. Note how a whopping 21.7% of groups weren’t able to pick:

With no more suites in the coming lottery, all groups who didn’t pick in the 4/5/6 get to brave the 1/2/3. According to Barnard Reslife, around 470 students are registered, with 258 spaces available. We’ll be back after it concludes on Thursday, April 18th to survey the damage. Until then, all of our data for this lottery, the 4-person, 5-person, and SR lotteries can be found on this spreadsheet. 2018 cutoffs can be found there as well. Good luck to all!

Crown Jewel of the 600s via Bwog Archives

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