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Field Notes: This Is Fine Edition

Spring weather, end-of-semester existential crises, and more drunkenness in this weekend’s field notes.

Bwog Is, Overall, Fun

  • Went to their first metal show in five years and embraced their inner angsty high-school freshman
  • Hooked up with someone who insisted on watching The Room (2003) in between rounds. They did exactly that, and it *somehow* didn’t kill the mood in the slightest
  • Successfully threw an actual surprise party where no one spoiled the surprise
  • Went to a concert and convinced everyone to let them to the front just because they had their camera so they thought they were Media!!
  • Played skee-ball at Neiman Marcus with a group of strangers


Bwog Treats Their Bodies Well, And With Respect

  • Had the best Sweetgreen salad
  • Went to an amazing Vietnamese place in the Bronx and spent Friday evening in a food coma
  • Went to the beach! Did not get sunburned despite being pasty as fuck.
  • Got very very drunk and somehow made it from Manhattan to the Bronx.
  • Saw the Central Park cherry blossoms during a 5k
  • Sat on a bus for nearly 7 hours
  • Went to Williamsburg solely to get a ramen burger
  • Biked all the way down to 26th from 122nd for an hour (like all the way down) to get the GOT themed Shake Shack burger, only to realize their bank account isn’t built like that, so ended up going to the McDonalds right across from the Shake Shack,


Bwog Nears The End Of The Fucking Semester

  • Un-fucked their schedule and now might enjoy next semester – wow!
  • Stayed in Butler :( on a Friday night :( for the first time :(
  • Got mood whiplash from the weather
  • Skipped a darty to sleep instead
  • Realized that we have three, not four, weeks of classes left and had a miniature existential crisis
  • Played frisbee drunk on the lawns at 3am


Bwog Gets Fantasies, Introspections, Feelings

  • Fantasized about my pipe dream of a housing arrangement but knowing damn well that their lottery number has other ideas
  • Felt the lyrics of a song deep in their soul, prompting lots of introspection about past and current relationships
  • Fought their own goddamn feelings
  • Broke down in the back of an Uber on a call with their sister and pretty sure they lost 0.2 stars as a result

“This is fine” dog via Wikimedia.

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  • bwop tart says:

    @bwop tart proud that all three of my field notes made it in. thank you and good night

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Is the 6 person housing recap article ever going to get written?

    1. Sarah Braner says:

      @Sarah Braner Hello! If you’re referring to this year’s Barnard 6-person lottery, look no further!

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