Today marks the Mary-Berry-Jason-Terry-very last day of housing selection. For the rest of the rising sophomores are picking today, your lottery number is…less than ideal, but don’t let that faze you. This housing season has been weird – just ask the rising sophomores who picked into a literal Ruggles suite yesterday – and with a little bit of luck and Bwog’s housing coverage on your side, you’ll be prepared to face any obstacle.

What are the hot commodities today? We forecast that the two more Plimpton 6-person suites, seven more Carlton Arms suites, six more Wien 2-person singles, and of course, a few more of the classic McBain double will go fast today. To be really sure and stay updated throughout the process, our spreadsheet that counts how many rooms/suites are left in each dorm, along with our liveblog, is below.