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Housing Reviews 2019: Symposium

The last housing review of the day is the cozy, semi-elusive residential brownstone at 548 W 113th, AKA Symposium because of its proximity to the Greek restaurant. Close to campus but with enough distance to feel a little more ~mature~, Symposium is perfect for any upperclassmen duos with a good lottery number.

A brief note: We were not able to get in touch with anybody who is a current resident of Symposium for updated photos and resident opinions. If you or a friend happens to live in Symposium currently, and would like to share photos of your dorm and/or your opinions on living there, hit us up at, or on Facebook. 

Updated on April 7th at 10 PM: Quotes from residents have been added.

Location: 548 W 113th Street, right next to Symposium, the Greek restaurant, and the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.

  • Nearby dorms: Across the street from Watt, down the street from McBain
  • Stores and restaurants: Symposium, Junzi, Milano Market, E’s Bar, Dig Inn, Oren’s, Tom’s… and so on. Also, a Chase ATM.

Cost: Standardized at $9,872/year.


  • Bathrooms: One per double. Residents clean it themselves.
  • AC/Heating: No AC, unfortunately, and heating is known to be a little unreliable. The building has a Super who is very dependable when it comes to maintenance issues.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Each double has its own private kitchen, with a refrigerator, sink, and stove; just like the bathrooms, it’s cleaned by the residents. There’s no official lounge, but the lobby has couches and a TV.
  • Laundry: Free, in the basement. Just one washer and dryer, but there aren’t tons of residents, so it’s fine.
  • Computers/Printing: None. Nearest printers are in Watt or McBain.
  • Gym: N/A.
  • Elevators: N/A.
  • Bike Storage: N/A, but you can fit a bike in your rooms easily.
  • Floor: Hardwood.
  • Fire Escapes: None, but there are balconies!

Room variety:

  • All doubles! Two per floor on floors 2-4; the basement has just one, and the first floor has an RA+rider.


  • 2-person suites: 20/1237 last year, 20/1924 the year before.

Resident Opinions:

  • “[We] lived in the basement room of Symposium for both Junior and Senior year and had NO COMPLAINTS but the lack of light (which makes it especially cozy for sleeping in). The basement unit specifically has the biggest square footage and we were able to fit a long couch and both our desks on one side of the room and our beds head to foot with another dresser in the middle on the other side.We had two bookcase and a coffee table comfortably and another table and chairs in the kitchen area.”
  • “We never had to worry about signing people into our building as there is no guard, and we never had any issues (even on the ground floor) with pests or critters. This place truly is a hidden gem of campus housing and if I could go back I would choose it all over again.”
  • “I can’t stress enough how special living in Symposium was. Everyone will be jealous when they come over!!!!!!!!!!!! You won’t regret living here, esp. if you want a more off-campus vibe while still being centrally located to other dorms.”

Bwog recommendation:

Symposium seems great: a desirable option for any pairs of friends who want a quieter, slightly more off-campus feel in the coming year. Although there aren’t elevators or printers, that’s offset by the general coziness, spacious rooms, and prime location. Also, be prepared for some noise from nearby frats— nothing dire, but noticeable nonetheless. And since you have your own address, you can get mail delivered straight to your building! Jealous.

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