Drop it hot like it’s hot… while you can.

Today is the LAST day you can drop a class for the Fall 2019 semester. After today, if you remove yourself from a class, it will be considered a withdrawal. When you drop a class, that class doesn’t appear on your transcript, but it does if you withdraw. Keep in mind, however, that you need to be in enrolled in twelve or more credits to remain at full-time student at any of the colleges.

Barnard students need to get their forms to drop a class filled out, signed by their advisor, and turned in to the registrar by 4:30 PM today.

Barnard students can drop a class through MyBarnard and students from CC, SEAS, and GS can do so through SSOL. More information about dropping course for Barnard students can be found here and for Columbia students can be found here.

Image via Needpix