GSSC meets one last time for the semester and wishes you well as you move from one successful academic season to the next! Check below for some important dates and events.

It’s been one long semester, but things are surely coming to a close. This will be the last GSSC meeting of the semester. We look forward to what next semester has in store! This update will be a brief one.

Finals week is coming up and for GS students in need, there will be a handful of paid Metro cards available to reduce stress over this already stressful period of study.

GSSC has partnered with Career Services to host a series of professional development and financial literacy workshops to ensure students are well prepared to handle their personal finances and careers after graduating.

Look out for the Dual BA Mixer this Thursday at 7:30 to 9:00 at night.

The First Year GS kick back will be held in Lerner Hall. Come celebrate a successful first semester with sweets from Hungarian.

This Spring there will be study abroad opportunities for GS students in Rio and Berlin. Definitely an opportunity to gain valuable skills in developing a global perspective and learn about business in Brazil and Germany. Just to clarify, the opportunities run at the same time, and students cannot attend both.

Unfortunately, there were a few minor problems with the live stream of the meeting, so some details were unclear and have been omitted from this report.

Good luck with finals and enjoy your break, GS!

Butler via Bwog Archives